Spice Up Your Home With Color!

Colors have real power in our lives, especially at home. Certain colors can make rooms appear larger, make gathering areas more comfortable, and bedrooms more calm. Instead of spending a lot of money on contractors or remodeling, it’s time to consider the impact a simple change of paint can have on your surroundings. Red - [...]

Make Moving In Easy!

While moving to a new home can be stressful for most people, there are steps that you can take to minimize this anxiety! By following the simple steps below, you will regain control of the move and actually look forward to the exciting new change in your life. Just think, you’re only a short transition [...]

What To Do With Your Used Cooking Oil

Here's how it goes: You fry up some ... oh, we don't know, let's go with Gulf oysters. And you eat them and they're lovely and satisfying and then it comes time to clean the kitchen and you realize you've got a big ol' pot o' spent cooking oil sitting on your stove. Whether [...]

Cleaning For Your Wood Floor: A Step-By-Step Guide

If you're looking for beauty, it's difficult to beat a hardwood floor. They add a tremendous amount of character to any room, and the timeless look of a good wood floor means it'll never go out of style. But as is so often the case, all that beauty and character comes with a tradeoff. [...]

How to Plant a Flower Bed under a Tree

As your grow with your home, you may start wanting to add to its landscaping. The hedge row is nice, and the annuals look pretty popping out of the mulch, but you're ready to take the next leap in giving your yard a personalized character. This being the case, you've probably considered planting a [...]

How to Clean Oil off a Driveway

Whether youv'e got a shadetree mechanic in your household or just a car that leaves the occasional puddle underneath it, odds are your once-spotless driveway has a few brown blobs on it by now. Because this stuff is composed of oil -- worse yet, dirty oil -- it's going to take more than a shot from [...]

Why You Should Water Your Foundation, And How To Do It

Water your foundation? Yeah, it sounds weird, we know. Since concrete is not, like, a living thing and all. But hear us out. Because of the composition of the soil and the weather in Texas, foundation problems are common, and one of the biggest reasons is that the soil under your foundation will expand [...]

How To Fix A Leaky Garden Spigot

One of the small irritations of home ownership is a leaky outdoor spigot. You're trying to wash your car, water some plants, fill your pool -- whatever the case may be -- and you've got this steady stream of water running down from the spigot and pooling next to your foundation. This is not [...]

Take Care of Your Outdoor Patio in the Summer

Summer heat can warp wood, melt plastic, and cause metal nails to pop out of their holes. Fighting the ravages of the midday sun is a constant battle, only ending well into October here in Houston. Here are three things you can do to help protect your furniture this summer! Keep It in the Shade [...]

Spotlighting the Chesmar Team – Introducing CLM and IN-Title

It’s true, at Chesmar Homes, we’re all about Family! We consider our homeowners, associates, Realtors and business partners part of the Family. Allow us to introduce some of them.