Director of Communications

Donna has played numerous exciting (or at least interesting) roles thus far in her life that have prepared her for her responsibilities at Chesmar. These include stay-at-home mom, surrogate mother to wandering teens, grandmother, seamstress, full-time school volunteer, educational aide, crafter, drafter, decorator, marketer, and dog food demonstrator (which she liked least, by the way).

As one of the first Chesmarians, Donna takes pride in having helped form the Chesmar culture and brand. She says, “The enthusiasm, ownership and can-do attitude of Chesmar associates if infectious. The Chesmar spirit shines through in every interaction and accomplishment. It inspires me anew everyday!”

Donna says her greatest enjoyment is her family. She loves to sew and bake and is currently working on a Chesmar Cookie recipe.”

My mission

“I am dedicated to being the Builder of Choice for my Customers, Contractors and Chesmarians offering the Best New Home Value with Quality Workmanship. I do this with Chesmar Pride, Integrity, Warm Smiles, a Friendly Attitude and an Enthusiastic Spirit.”