Chesmar Homes offers High- Performance Homes including Environments For Living-Platinum and Green Certifications. Each home comes with its own heating and cooling guarantee – Check the window sticker below for each home plan!

What to look for in a High M.P.G. Home

  • 100% Energy Star CFL Light Bulbs
  • Environments For Living Energy Usage Guarantee
  • Environments For Living Energy & Comfort Guarantee
  • 16 SEER Rating (High number = More efficient)
  • 80% Ultra Efficient Furnace (High % = Less energy costs)
  • R-38 Attic and R-13 Wall Insulation (High number = Less heat/cold from outside)
  • Foil-backed R-8 A/C Ductwork – Code Standard (High number is better)
  • Foam Seal Insulation around Windows, Doors, Bottom Plate & Other Openings
  • Double-pane LoE3 Insulated Vinyl Windows (Windows are a HUGE energy drain)
  • TechShield (or equivalent) Radiant Barrier Decking (Hot Attic = Less efficient HVAC system)
  • 1/2” Dow R-3 Insulated Sheathing (except windstorm areas)
  • Fresh Air Intake (Better Indoor Air Quality)
  • Media Filter (Better Indoor Air Quality)
  • Energy Star Rated Multi-speed Ceiling Fans
  • Natural Gas Cooking
  • Standard Appliances (Energy Star Rated Built-in Dishwasher/Energy Star Rated Refrigerator/Energy Star Rated Washer/Front-load Electric Laundry Set)
  • Low Flow Water Systems (Low Flow = Less Water Usage)
  • 12 Third-Party Inspections (1. Foundation Pre-Pour/ 2. Foundation Pour/ 3. Foundation Elongation/ 4. Structural, Windstorm-Code/ 5. Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing-Code/ 6. EFL Blocking/ 7. Duct Blaster/ 8. Insulation/ 9. Blower Door/ 10. Final Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing/ 11. Cosmetic Quality Assurance/ 12. Quality Assurance Re-inspection)

Higher new home M.P.G means lower bills EVERY MONTH and knowing that you are saving money and protecting the environment all while owning your new healthy, comfortable Chesmar Home is what MPG is all about!

When you’re looking for the Highest M.P.G. make sure to Define Your Terms

  • ACH: Air Changes per Hour. Air-tight homes need air changes for the best Indoor Air Quality. Fresh air intake forces outside air into the home pushing out stale indoor air. (Out with the bad, in with the good.)
  • AFUE: Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. Measures a furnace’s heating efficiency. (The higher the rating, the better.) Chesmar includes an 80% Ultra Efficient Furnace.
  • ARI: American Refrigeration Institute. Energy Star required certification, verifying the HVAC system meets the SEER rating.
  • ASHRAE: American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning. Sets design standards for HVAC systems.
  • BUILDING ENVELOPE: A home’s exterior shell – walls, floors, ceiling, windows, doors, roof and foundation.
  • DELTA-T: Difference from attic temperature to inside temperature. (EX: Subtract Interior temperature from Attic temperature to find the Delta-T.)
  • ENVIRONMENTS FOR LIVING (EFL): A performance-based program by Masco Home Services developed with the assistance of nationally recognized experts in the field of building science.  An EFL program home meets the requirements of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ENERGY STAR® program and, at the Platinum energy level, meets the U.S. Department of Energy Building America® specifications. Each Chesmar home is backed by EFL Limited Guarantees for Heating & Cooling Energy Use and Comfort which ensures a long-lasting return on your investment.
  • HERS INDEX: The Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) scoring system to measure the energy efficiency of a home. The lower a home’s HERS Index, the more energy efficient it is. Each 1-point decrease in the HERS Index corresponds to a 1% reduction in energy consumption. The average Chesmar home rating on the HERS Index is 63.
  • HVAC: Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning.
  • IAQ: Indoor Air Quality.
  • IRC: International Residential Code. The standard construction rules used by builders.
  • JUMP DUCT/RETURN AIR: Duct connecting a room to a common space or return to balance pressure. It cuts down on noise and lines in carpet under doors.
  • LoE3 WINDOW: Low emissivity. Coated glass that reduces heat gain in the summer. It makes your home more comfortable and affordable to operate.
  • MERV: Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value.
  • PRESSURE BALANCING: Equalizing air pressure between rooms by adjusting air flow in supply and return ducts. (Jump Ducts ensure that air moving into rooms equals the air moving out of rooms.)
  • RADIANT BARRIER: Coating (that shiny silver stuff) on the underside of the roof decking that reduces heat gain in the summer.
  • R-VALUE: Resistance-Value = The resistance a material has to heat flow. (Hint – You want this one really high.)
  • SEER: Seasonal Energy Efficient Rating. Measures the efficiency of the air conditioning system. (The higher the HVAC system SEER rating the lower your electric bill.) Each new Chesmar home has a 16 SEER matched HVAC system
  • SHGC: Solar Heat Gain Co-efficient. Solar radiation entering a home through the windows.
  • U-VALUE: A measure of heat transmission from inside to outside.

“A high-performance home is as energy efficient as a high-performance car is powerful and fast. It has features that are vastly superior to the average home.”
– Builder Magazine