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2003, 2017

3 Quick Tips to Quickly Clean Your Home

Dust Your Surfaces Make sure to clean off your surfaces as it'll be the largest spaces and [...]

2107, 2016

Spice Up Your Home With Color!

Colors have real power in our lives, especially at home. Certain colors can make rooms [...]

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3 Quick Tips to Quickly Clean Your Home

Dust Your Surfaces

Make sure to clean off your surfaces as it’ll be the largest spaces and often the first thing that visitors will see. Bust out the furniture polish, the duster, and once it’s clean, place a […]

Spice Up Your Home With Color!

Colors have real power in our lives, especially at home. Certain colors can make rooms appear larger, make gathering areas more comfortable, and bedrooms more calm. Instead of spending a lot of money on contractors […]

Make Moving In Easy!

While moving to a new home can be stressful for most people, there are steps that you can take to minimize this anxiety! By following the simple steps below, you will regain control of the […]

What To Do With Your Used Cooking Oil

Here’s how it goes: You fry up some … oh, we don’t know, let’s go with Gulf oysters. And you eat them and they’re lovely and satisfying and then it comes time to […]

Cleaning For Your Wood Floor: A Step-By-Step Guide

If you’re looking for beauty, it’s difficult to beat a hardwood floor. They add a tremendous amount of character to any room, and the timeless look of a good wood floor means it’ll […]

How to Plant a Flower Bed under a Tree

As your grow with your home, you may start wanting to add to its landscaping. The hedge row is nice, and the annuals look pretty popping out of the mulch, but you’re ready […]

How to Clean Oil off a Driveway

Whether youv’e got a shadetree mechanic in your household or just a car that leaves the occasional puddle underneath it, odds are your once-spotless driveway has a few brown blobs on it by […]

Why You Should Water Your Foundation, And How To Do It

Water your foundation?

Yeah, it sounds weird, we know. Since concrete is not, like, a living thing and all. But hear us out. Because of the composition of the soil and the weather in Texas, foundation […]

How To Fix A Leaky Garden Spigot

One of the small irritations of home ownership is a leaky outdoor spigot. You’re trying to wash your car, water some plants, fill your pool — whatever the case may be — and […]

Take Care of Your Outdoor Patio in the Summer

Summer heat can warp wood, melt plastic, and cause metal nails to pop out of their holes. Fighting the ravages of the midday sun is a constant battle, only ending well into October here in […]

The Best Plants for Your Summer Garden

Summertime in Texas is the perfect time to get outside and get started on the garden of your dreams. “Going Native” is also a big new trend in the gardening scene around these parts. With […]

The Best Snacks for Summertime

Summertime is here and the snacking is easy! This is the season when the fruits and veggies are rolling into markets, making it easy and cost-effective to whip up delicious snacks with local ingredients. Some […]

Things to Do Over Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is a special holiday in the US as we remember those that serve and who have served. From law enforement, fire, and military, we are proud of those that make this country […]

The Garbage Disposal Secret Your Plumber Won’t Tell You

Garbage disposals are scary machines, especially from the vantage point of the average user. You’re looking from above at a hole, inside which contains a spinning machine capable of lopping off your fingers. Naturally, most […]

How to Paint an Old Piece of Stained Furniture

So you found a cool old table at a yard sale, and you love its shape, size and style, but you hate the color of its stain. It won’t fit into your home, and from […]

Lawnmowers: Electric vs. Gasoline

It’s mid-February, which in south Texas means spring has nearly sprung. If you’re a new homehowner, or your old lawn equipment has simply given up the ghost, it’s probably about time to buy a new […]

Do Houses Really ‘Settle’ And Is That a Problem?

Since you were a kid, you’ve noticed creaking, popping, moaning noises coming from the bones of various houses. Nothing to worry about, some adult told you, the house is just “settling.” And so […]

7 House Plants to Make Your House Smell Great the Natural Way

The world has no shortage of products designed to make your house smell good. You can spray stuff, you can light stuff, you can plug in stuff, you can just leave bowls of stuff sitting […]

How to Transplant a Tree

You have a tree in your yard that you really like, you just don’t like its location. Maybe it obscures a view or hangs over a walkway. We don’t know. We just know that people […]

How to Make Biscuits Like Grandma Used To

We don’t know about your grandma. Maybe your grandma was the kind to just mail it in and stir up some Bisquick. When we say “Grandma,” we’re talking about the archetype, the type who made pies from […]

Why You Should Buy a New House Instead of an Old One

All right, so obviously we’re a home-building company. We have plenty of skin in the game, here. We want you to buy a new home, and we want you to buy it from us.

That said, […]

Grill the Perfect Steak (Even in Winter)

The advantage of grilling is that you get great flavor without getting a bunch of smells in your house, or using up any extra cooking dishes. The advantage of living in South Texas is that […]

How to Quickly Get a Bad Smell Out of Your House

Smells don’t come in all shapes and sizes, because they don’t have shapes at all, but because of that people tend to treat all smells the same way. This is a mistake. Some smells are […]

How to Clean a Shower Head

Your once-friendly shower head has turned on you. It’s soft rain has turned into a water pick, rocketing a sharp stream of hot water at your bare skin, turning your shower into a torture chamber.

Your […]

How to Make Better Coffee in Your Drip Coffee Maker

Your coffee maker seems to work fine, and you rarely give it a second thought, but — like pizza crusts and clothing — coffee just seems to come out better when you let the profesionals […]