Accounts Payable

Chesmar is very fortunate to have Susie on its team to help keep costs down for the company and its homebuyers. Through a diverse background in the travel industry, web-based data analysis and homebuilding she garnered experience that pays-off everyday in her work for Chesmar Homes.

Susie, husband Albert, along with their two daughters, are very close and place great importance on spirituality, service and friends. They set a great example for all with their commitment to sharing with and helping others.

Susie’s integrity and professionalism shines through her quiet manner and personality. And is evidenced in the quote by Edwin Lewis Cole by which she lives.
“The difference between people who succeed and fail is their ability to handle pressure.”

My mission

“I am dedicated to being the Builder of Choice for my Customers, Contractors and Chesmarians offering the Best New Home Value with Quality Workmanship. I do this with Chesmar Pride, Integrity, Warm Smiles, a Friendly Attitude and an Enthusiastic Spirit.”