10 Ways to Utilize Your Spare Room

At Chesmar Homes, we pride ourselves on giving you an exemplary product in the form of an energy efficient home that exceeds the Energy Star 3.0 qualifications. For those who are shopping for some of our larger models with four and five bedrooms, but who only need 2 or 3, you’re undoubtedly left with plenty of extra space. Well, we’ve got some great ideas on how to utilize that space!

Home Gym

A home gym, if used frequently, can be less expensive over the long haul. For instance, if three members of the family have $50 per month gym memberships, that translates to $1,800 a year spent to go to a gym. For that money, you can buy several pieces of equipment and still save a little.

Personal Library

A library is still viewed as a major status symbol among large swaths of the population. You can purchase bookshelves from major outlets, or go to places like Goodwill. Books may be purchased for pennies on the dollar at second-hand bookstores, making it very easy to fill up the shelves. If the room is in a central part of the home, you will notice that the books act as a nice sound proofer.

Home Office

Having a dedicated space to handle monthly finances and other mentally tiring activities can help reduce stress throughout the home. It is amazing what a door can do for your psychological well-being!

Guest Room

There is no reason why a guest should have to sleep on an air mattress in the living room. Instead, purchase a basic bed and dresser and place them in the spare room. This will give your guest privacy, and keep the rest of the house from becoming cluttered.

Craft Room

Having a room that children can use for their crafts can eliminate a great deal of stress and mess for the rest of the household. As long as the mess stays in one room, cleaning the rest of the home should be a lot easier!

Art Studio

For budding painters or sculptures, having a safe and secure environment to work is essential. An art studio that animals can run around in is doomed for failure, the same with little children. Put a lock on the door, and bring in all of the art supplies!

Media Room

A growing number of people are separating technology from their living areas. Having a dedicated room for a television helps keep people’s attention turned towards each other.

Growing Room

Having fresh fruit and vegetables throughout the year doesn’t have to require a trip to the store. You can turn your spare room into a garden space. All you need are some tables and growing lights. As long as you don’t mind the electric bill, then you will never have to worry about store-bought veggies again!

Storage Room

Having a place to store seasonal items without them getting damaged is invaluable, especially for items that costs an arm and a leg if you have to replace them at the last moment. A secure storage room enables you to have a place to put mementos and other items, without stumbling across them every time you look for something.

Privacy Room

There are several companies that produce “hidden doors.” These doors look like bookshelves, or ordinary parts of the wall. All you need to do is install one, and then put whatever you want on the inside. It is a good way to carve out a private space if you are hosting a party, or trying to escape a sleepover arranged by a teenage daughter.

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