2020 Home Design Trends

Residential architecture and interior décor go through trends like it’s nobody’s business, making it seem nearly impossible to keep track of the everchanging designs as you prepare to renovate your existing home for a sale or begin the process of looking for a new home. The solution? Research! Take an afternoon, change into your favorite loungewear, pour yourself a glass of wine, and pull up your favorite search engine to explore the latest and greatest design trends of 2020.

In this article, we’ll streamline things for you by offering a short list of what we consider to be the best 2020 home design trends and how you can implement them into your home for a refreshing vibe.

Vintage & Contemporary Décor

Victorian-inspired layering is back in style, and it a wonderful interior design element to incorporate into your home. These styles work best in homes that already favor contemporary architecture where ceilings are high and there’s a neutral color scheme. Next comes the fun part: raiding local antique stores for furniture! If antiquing isn’t your cup of tea, you can achieve the same look by mixing and matching textures that follow the same color scheme.

Open Floor Plans

In the 21st century, open floor plans that encourage social interactions and ease traffic flow between rooms are the epitome of residential architecture. These configurations are designed to remove the standard wall partitions of yesteryear that separate the formal dining area, kitchen, and living room. Instead, you’re left with one “great room” that showcases the entire open living area. This design is ideal for homeowners who enjoy entertaining, would like to create the illusion of a larger space, or simply make it easier to converse with family.

Inviting Landscapes

A designated outdoor living area has remained a constant trend for residences. In 2020, these outdoor living areas tend to be covered—making them more suitable and comfortable for year-round use. Décor trends for these outdoor areas in 2020 are comfortable, inviting, and cozy—finding inspiration in nature.

Traditional Dining Table

Even though open floor plans of 2020 home design trends do away with closed-off formal eating areas, the essence of a formal dining room is still treasured by Americans as it’s a space that brings everyone together in celebration. To create a sacred space in an open floor plan, design gurus suggest investing in a large traditional dining table that will create a distinct visual that can clearly define the formal area without the need for walls.

And there you have it! Of course, to successfully incorporate these 2020 home design trends at your residence, you need to have a good foundation. For Texas home buyers interested in these trend influences, turn to Chesmar Homes. We build stylish, functional, and contemporary-inspired homes in master-planned communities throughout exciting cities like Houston, Dallas, Austin, or San Antonio. With design centers on site of every model home community, we’ll help you create the ideal, on-trend home.

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