7 Reasons You Should Keep Rubbing Alcohol in your Home

Rubbing alcohol sounds like some kind of old-timey health product that never even worked in the first place, but in reality it’s a really inexpensive solution to a lot of minor problems you may encounter around the house.

You won’t need to use it often, most likely, but it’s a good idea to keep a bottle around just in case. Here are seven reasons why:

It Gets the Ink Out

Nothing does a better job of getting ink stains out of fabric than rubbing alcohol. Soak the stain in rubbing alcohol for five minutes, then wash it. It should come right out.

You Can Make and Ice Pack

You turned your ankle playing basketball and now you need to get some ice on it. Freezing some water in a sandwich bag will work OK, but you’ll have a hard time conforming it to the shape of your ankle. Toss a little rubbing alcohol in there before you freeze it, and you’ll wind up with a cold, slushy sort of mixture that can easily conform to whatever shape necessary.

Makes Chrome Sparkle

Let’s say you want your fixtures to really pop. Dump some rubbing alcohol onto a clean rag, and wipe them down. The alcohol will evaporate leaving a brilliant shine.

Clean Your Phone

Every now and then your phone gets all smudgy, and that’s not even taking into account the germs that must be all over it. Wipe it down with some rubbing alcohol. It’ll kill the germs, shine the glass, and evaporate on its own.

Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Do you have a bunch of fruit flies buzzizng around your kitchen. Hit them with a mist of rubbing alcohol and watch what happens. It knocks them out, allowing you to sweep them into a dust pan and return them to the wild.

Clean Windows

Maybe you’ve picked up by now that rubbing alcohol works wonders on shiny things, like windows. For a streak-free shine, rub down your glass with rubbing alcohol instead of window cleaner.

Erase Permanent Markers

Your kid found a marker, and went all Picasso on the wall in the dining room. Before you break out the paint brush, try cleaning it with rubbing alcohol. It’ll dissolve the ink, allowing you to wipe it right off.

Do you have any tips we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments. We love to hear from you!