9 Uses for Vinegar You Never Knew About

So, Reader’s Digest is still a thing. Can you believe that? Well, it’s true. Anyway, your favorite dentist-office magazine has converted to digital now, and while we’re not avid readers, we did find on it one of the most impressive listicles we’ve ever seen.

150 Uses for Household Vinegar.

We’re sharing it because we found it immensely useful, but we don’t expect you to read the whole thing, so we thought we’d pick out some of our favorite tips.

Erase Water Rings on Furniture

Even the most coasterized household is likely to wind up with a water ring on the coffee table at some point. What most people don’t realize is that vinegar is the solution to this problem. You just have to mix it with olive oil. Yeah, olive oil. Mix them in equal parts and rub on the furniture, with the grain.

Restore Leather Furniture

If your leather couch is lookign a little dull, mix equal parts vinegar and boiled linseen oil. Put it in a spray bottle, shake it up, spray it, let it rest a couple  minutes, and wipe it off. Good as new.

Get Rid of Smoke Smell

Maybe you’ve been cooking on your cast-iron skillet, and filled your house with beefy smoke. Or you left a window open while you were griling outside, or you hosted a party and somebody lit up during it. Whatever kind of smoke odor you’re dealing with, vinegar can help. Wherever the scent is the strongest, place a shallow bowl of white or apple cider vinegar and let it sit there for about a day. You can also wet a towel with vinegar and wave it around in the air, if the smoke is still fresh.

Steam Clean Your Microwave

Microwave splatter is a constant source of frustration for people trying to keep a tidy house, and vinegar can help make it easier. Mix a quarter cup of vinegar into a cup of water, and nuke it for five minutes.

Clean Shiny Things

You name it: Glass, brass, silverware, crystal, china … if it’s supposed to be shiny, vinegar can help it be shiny. Techniques vary a little based on the material you’re cleaning, so consult the RD list for specifics.

All-Purpose Scrub

For cleaning things like pots and pans, that need a little abrasion, mix equal parts salt and flour, and add enough vinegar to turn it into a past. Scrub away, then rinse with warm water.

Remove Bumper Stickers

Did you buy someone else’s car? Have your trite political opinions changed course? Saturate the bumper sticker with vinegar and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then use an old credit card or ice scraper or something like that to scrape off the offending sticker.

Remove Deposits from Showerheads

Shower heads tend to get gunked up with mineral deposits, resulting in sharp streams of water that make showering really annoying. So unscrew the showerhead, and soak it in a quart of boiling water mixed with a half cup of vinegar for 10 minutes.

Make Barbecue Sauce

A little vinegar, a little honey, a little tomato paste, some paprika and cayenne and garlic — however you like it. It’s easy to make barbecue sauce. Start experiementing.

There are many, many more uses for vinegar where these came from. Check them out. And if you have one we didn’t mention, let us know in the comments!