All said & done – have some FUN!

Buying a New Home garners all types of Emotions. Some of the excitement to be shopping for a new home; some of the anxiousness if/when will we find that “just right” home; will I qualify for a mortgage?  Will they build my home correctly?  All very valid concerns.

However, after it is all said and DONE – Now, we can have some FUN!

There is no better feeling than to be handed your keys to your brand new Chesmar Home.  How much FUN is it when friends and family join in to help get unpacked and settled. Then afterward you can all Netflix and chill.

Or you can go on down to the 24-hour adults-only lap pool and relax after a long day of whatever your long day consisted of.  Hey, how about taking a walk with over 20 miles of walking/running trails?  Do you love to fish?  We got you – as there are 3 species of fish stocked in the lakes for catch & release.  What about a learning moment for the kiddos?  You can glide over to 1 of the 3 learning labs and learn a thing or two. Are you hungry?  Well, you can go on over to the onsite restaurant Café Sol, where you can feed the body and soul.

As the holidays near and you are here, become “friends” with your NEW home. Learn to discover all the FUN you can have in your new home, your new community, your new friends, and your new life!

It certainly cannot get any better than that!

“Whatever the mind can conceive & believe, the mind can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill

You conceived, believed and achieved your dream of becoming a New Homeowner!! Now… GO and have some FUN!




Written by: Shelly Woods

Houston New Home Consultant