Best House Plants for your New Home!

Making a house a home: It’s one thing that every homeowner wants to accomplish on a professional level. Unfortunately, not everyone has the magic, designer touch when it comes to interior decorating. And while countless things can transform your home into a cozy, livable retreat, indoor plants take the gold when it comes to bringing a residence to life.

If you’ve decided to try out your green thumb indoors, where should you begin? Most homeowners aren’t plant experts, so knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. In this article, we’ll help you figure out the plant basics—listing out some of the best indoor plants for first-time plant parents.

Benefits of Decorating With Indoor Plants

Inviting nature into your home via indoor plants can have numerous physical and emotional benefits for homeowners. In fact, the act of taking care of and surrounding yourself with plants has been proven to reduce both psychological and physiological stress—something we could all benefit from. What’s more, plants are great at purifying the air in your home, for an all-around healthy environment.

Are you ready to improve the health and mental state in your home? The best place to start when it comes to purchasing plants for your home begins with observing the conditions of your space. Most homes are shaded throughout the better part of the day. So, we suggest investing in indoor plants that thrive without sunlight when choosing your first home plants. Here are some great low-maintenance plant options for your home:

Snake Plants

These extremely low-maintenance plants are great for beginners. Recognizable by their thin, upright leaves and light green banding, snake plants can survive watering skips and lower light levels. These plants have also been shown to filter out chemicals in the air.


If you have little to no talent when it comes to keeping plants alive, pothos is the plant for you. These vines start small but grow fast and can reach up to 10 feet in length! Surviving the lower light of the indoors, dry air, and with little to no water, these plants are easy to grow.

Spider Plants

While the name of this plant can seem a little intimidating, spider plans are super easy to care for and are bright, light green. What’s more, this plant is easy to propagate and a strong air purifier.

Find the plant you’re looking for? Pair it with a home that is deserving of your indoor plant collection. If you’re looking for a home in one of Texas’s exciting cities, turn to Chesmar Homes. We build stylish homes in communities throughout the state’s best cities including Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, or Austin. Contact us today to learn more about our home building process!