Why You Should Buy a New House Instead of an Old One

All right, so obviously we’re a home-building company. We have plenty of skin in the game, here. We want you to buy a new home, and we want you to buy it from us.

That said, we think if you asked your friends who have bought older homes, you’d find out that many of them wish they’d have gone with something newer, something with fewer problems, something that was more their own.

Here’s why you should buy a new home:

It’s Up to Code

Even old homes have to be brought up to code before they can be sold, but there is only so much an inspector is capable of doing, or required to do. For example, unless for some reason the walls are opened and the electical wiring is exposed, the inspector won’t be inspecting that. Which means an older home could have electrical gremlins and fire hazards lurking behind its walls, even though the house was give the OK from the inspector. Even if, for some reason, you’re not concerned about fire hazards, if you ever go to tear down a wall or expand or repair flood damage, and you have to get a city permit, the city is going to make you update the wiring as a condition of issuing the permit.

This is just one example. Older homes also tend to have older plumbing, which corrodes and clogs over time, and may spring a leak. Though the old pipes will usually pass inspection, they’re build with inferior, outdated materials that wouldn’t be used in homes today.

You Can Customize It

When you buy an older house, you get what you get, which is to say you usually get the previous owner’s tastes already built in. If you happen to have the exact same tastes, it’s perfect. But if not, you’re either going to spend a lot of your own time and energy repainting walls and replacing hardware, or you’re going to spend more of your own money paying someone else to do it. When you’re a home’s first owner, you get to make those decisions along the way.

You Can Get a Warranty

Chesmar Homes offers warranties on our builds to insure that if anything goes wrong with your home, you don’t have to worry about it. You can purchase third-party warranties on older homes, but they usually don’t cover the home’s structure or major components.

They’re Built for Modern Lifestyles

Ever notice how when people come over, they wind up congregating in the kitchen? Yeah, try that in an older home, where the kitchen was a little sliver in the back of the home, isolated from the rest and just big enough for some appliances and a person to use them. Modern, open floor plans are built for modern lifestyles. You can get that open, conversational vibe you’re looking for without having to knock out any walls.

You Have So Many Options

If you’re shopping for older homes, you invariably end up looking at houses that you like, but are in locations you don’t like. Or the location you like doesn’t have any homes that suit your tastes. When you buy from Chesmar Homes, you get to choose from a huge variety of neighborhoods and floor plans, insuring that whatever your needs, we have something to suit them.

So if you’re in the market for a home, check out our inventory, and give us a call at 281-598-1111, and get started on your way to owning a beautiful, new, carefree home today.