Chesmar Cares: Preston’s Project

Bay View New Home Consultant, Jim Mauck is about as proud of his grandson Preston, as could be possible. Preston may be only seven years old but he has a passion to make a difference in people’s lives. He started his very own campaign to raise money through Habitat for Humanity to provide a home for a family in need. Within a few months, the project had garnered over $30,000 in donations.

Chesmar’s Houston division has adopted “Preston’s Project” and will be working with Habitat for Humanity in constructing a home in the bay area. Excitement is growing as Chesmarian’s will get to participate hands-on in the construction process. As the project progresses, volunteers will be recruited to work alongside the selected family to complete their new home.

Mauck states, “I can’t begin to tell you how excited Preston and our family is to be involved with this project. We look forward to the project to come to light. The support from our Chesmar Family has been amazing.” He adds, “You cannot imagine how proud I am to work for Chesmar Homes!”