(San Antonio)  When St. Peter-St. Joseph Children’s Home called to ask if they could film at one of the Chesmar Homes models, of course the answer was “yes!”  Visiing with the organizaion further provided an opportunity to help in other ways as well.  The older children’s dorms needed an update to better reflect more of a “home” environment and one that would help inspire the kids to look beyond their current circumstances and dream of what they “could” accomplish in life.  “That seemed to fit perfectly with how I see Chesmar’s role in giving back to the community.” says Ken Trainer, President of Chesmar Homes Central Texas division.  “Interesingly within days of my visits to St PJ’s, I was contacted by San Antonio Chrisian Schools (SACS) and asked to offer some guidance as to what types of community projects they could consider for the sophomore class.”

SACS originally wanted to get involved with Habitat for Humanity, but after some discussion it became clear that having SACS work with St PJ’s would be the perfect opportunity to bring two very different groups of kids together and do something that would truly benefit all involved.

Chesmar Homes took the lead in organizing and funding the project and SACS sophomore class took the lead in the execuion.  The boys dorm was completed in late April and work has begun with St PJ’s and SACS to complete the girls dorm in the fall.

Following are comments of appreciaion from the St. Peter-St. Joseph Staff:

“I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the beauiful extreme make over in Dorms 1 and 2.  The boys have repeatedly expressed their posiive feelings about the furniture and wall décor. I have heard more than a few posiive comments from staff and from the boys.  You and the other supporters certainly went above and beyond our expectaions.  Thank you for your support and we look forward to working together again.”

Sherry Loyd, Director of Program Services

St. Peter St. Joseph Children’s Home

“The boys were definitely surprised when they returned from school yesterday.  They really loved seeing their pictures on the shelves! And they really loved the new couches…comfy.  The swivel chairs were a hit! Everyone stops as soon as they see the bike hanging…great idea!  I can go on and on! The scrapbook was really thoughful and it’s nice to see the boys look through it and see their pictures. I appreciate the dedicaion and ime that you and your team spent with this project. Because of you all, the children will have a better feel of ‘home’ at PJ’s. God bless.”

Griselda Garcia, Case Manager

St. PJ’s Children’s Home

“We were happy to help,” states Sillwater Ranch new home consultant, Dana Hafield.  “We are all excited to see this partnership with SACS and St PJ’s unfold–so many can benefit!”  The video filmed at Chesmar’s Sillwater Ranch model is a poignant short about child abuse and can be viewed on St. Peter-St. Joseph Children’s Home website, www.stpjhome.org.