How to Clean the Grout on Your Floor Like a Pro

Tile floors are amazing. They’re incredibly durable, they look great, they’re cool to the touch and they’re easy to clean. They are nearly perfect. We say say “nearly” because there is one thing about tile floors that is a constant irritation.

The grout.

Specifically, cleaning the grout, which gets very dirty and does not have smooth surface and seems impossible to clean. Well, we’re here to help. There is a way to clean tile grout that doesn’t require you to get on your hands and knees with a toothbrush.

Oxygen bleach.

Look, we could go into a whole scientific explanation of what oxygen bleach is and how it’s different from chlorine bleach and how it shouldn’t be confused with sodium peroxocarbonate, but you don’t care about that, and neither do we. We’re just trying to clean some grout, here, not teach a chemistry class. What you need to know is that it’s non-toxic, doesn’t have harsh fumes and won’t ruin colored fabrics.

So get yourself some oxygen bleach and dissolve it in warm water. Then just drench the tile with it. Dump it all over, make sure it covers every nook and cranny in the grout, and then resist the urge to start scrubbing. Just walk away. Find a way to occupy yourself for 15 minutes. While you’re listening to In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida in the other room, the oxygen bleach is doing its thing, and its thing is, “soaking into the pores of the grout and loosening the dirt.” It actually is kind of like they make it look on the infomercials.

Fifteen minutes is the bare minimum here. The oxygen bleach will do its thing for up to six hours if you let it, and the longer you leave it on there, the less elbow grease you’ll have to apply later. Be sure to check on it, though, because sometimes the grout will absorb everything you put down, in which case you’ll want to add more to keep it wet.

Whenever you’re ready, scrub the tile with a scrubbing brush, and marvel at how well the stains and dirt come up. Then, start adding a little of the oxygen bleach to your mop water whenever you mop the floor, and maintain that glistening grout.