One of the small irritations of home ownership is a leaky outdoor spigot. You’re trying to wash your car, water some plants, fill your pool — whatever the case may be — and you’ve got this steady stream of water running down from the spigot and pooling next to your foundation. This is not only annoying and wasteful, but it could be bad for your foundation too.

In a lot of cases, the problem is that there simply isn’t a good seal between the hose and the spigot. In this case, some plumber’s tape might do the trick, or you just might need a new hose.

But there is another kind of leaking spigot that gives people problems, and the solution is less visibly obvious. Your handled faucet will have something called a “packing nut” under the handle. Over time, these can come loose. We’ll allow a professional to explain:

As you can see, fixing your leak is as simple as tightening that packing nut. No need to really torque it on there. Just get it snug. No need to buy a new spigot, no need to call a plumber. All  you need is a little knowledge and a wrench.