Easy Gardens for Your Patio Area

Are you looking for easy, low-maintenance ideas for your Texas garden? Gardens are a great way to enhance your backyard view and create a relaxing getaway. So, how can you create an easy garden for your patio area? Let Chesmar help!

Low-Maintenance Home Gardens | Chesmar Homes

Low-Maintenance Texas Gardens

Everyone wants their yard to look beautiful, but you don’t have to be a horticulturist to get the perfect garden year after year. Our team at Chesmar is here to offer a few ideas to help you design an aesthetic garden that doesn’t take much work.

Choose Your Plants

If your goal is to create a charming little garden will as little time commitment as possible, then native flowers, perennials, and succulents might be the right plants for you.

Texas Native Plants

Choosing to fill your garden with plants that are native to Texas is a great way to create a gorgeous garden. Not only will native plants thrive in your garden, but they will also help the environment! Local plants and flowers help pollinators thrive, which allows the entire ecosystem to flourish.


Another great addition to your low-maintenance patio garden is a selection of perennials. Perennials are a classic component of many gardens because they come back every year. This allows you to plant them once and enjoy them for years to come.


Adding succulents to your patio garden is also a great option. These cactus-like plants are beautifully unique and are perfect for warmer climates like ours here in Texas.

Location, Location, Location

Easy Gardens | Chesmar HomesIf you want your patio garden to flourish, then it is important to know the needs of the plants you choose. The three most important things to keep in mind when starting a garden are soil, water, and sunlight.

When choosing the plants for your garden, see what type of soil they like and how much sunlight they need. This is why the location of your garden is essential. Pay attention to how much sunlight the area you want to garden gets. Based on the number of hours of light your garden will get, you can choose plants that fit that amount.

If you stick to the three categories above: native flowers, Texas perennials, and succulents then your soil should be a perfect match to sustain these plants.

Lastly, take a look at how often the plants you choose need to be watered. Again, if you choose from the categories above, then you shouldn’t have to water them much as they are naturally accustomed to the amount of rainfall in Texas.

Get Inspiration from Your Chesmar Neighbors

If you’re still struggling with choosing plants for your patio garden, our last piece of advice is to seek inspiration from your Chesmar neighbors! Our communities are full of gorgeous gardens, and many homeowners are happy to share their green-thumb secrets to help beautify the neighborhood.

In fact, our strong and helpful communities are one of the things that we are most proud of here at Chesmar. Our passion is for building vibrant communities full of diverse cultures and dream homes. If you are not a part of the Chesmar family yet, check out our available models in a neighborhood near you! We have multiple options in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Central Texas!