How to Clean a Shower Head

Your once-friendly shower head has turned on you. It’s soft rain has turned into a water pick, rocketing a sharp stream of hot water at your bare skin, turning your shower into a torture chamber.

Your shower head is clogged. It’s time to clean it.

Here’s how:

Remove It

It is possible to clean your shower head without removing it, but it’s going to involve taping a plastic bag to a pipe and honestly it’s going to be more of a hassle than it would be to just take the darn thing off. All you need is an crescent wrench or, really, any vaguely wrench-like device that can be used to twist the shower head off the threads. This is not exaclty a lug nut — it should come off easily.

Soak It

Get a big bowl and fill it with white vinegar. Put the shower head in that bowl. Leave it there for a while.

You’re done!

But Wait, There’s More

Soaking the shower head in vinegar should do the trick, but there are some ways you can advance this cleaning process if you’re not satisfied with the vinegar method. Dismantle the shower head as much as you can, and really get in there with an old tooth brush and maybe a needle to poke through the holes in the shower head. There will be mineral deposits in there, most likely, and if they’re particularly stubborn, they could take some scrubbing.

Re-Attach the Shower Head

Wrap some plumbers tape around the threads of the shower arm before you screw the head back on. This will insure you get a good seal, which is important, because if you don’t have a good seal, water will go shooting out from places other than the shower head, and this will irritate you. Then just scew on the head and you’re done.