How to Decorate Your Home in the Farmhouse Style

One of the most popular and easiest home designs to achieve is the farmhouse style. Combining a traditional and rustic aesthetic, this style will bring plenty of warmth and light into your home. In Texas, the farmhouse style is a staple throughout our state!

So, how can you achieve this style for your Chesmar home? There are hundreds of ways to incorporate it, and here, we will share the 10 easiest ways you can bring that southern charm home to life:

10 Easy Farmhouse Decorating Tips

Neutral Colors

When choosing paint for your walls, no matter what room you’re in, a neutral hue is best for farmhouse décor. Not only will these colors go with any furniture, but they also make the home elegant and simple at the same time.

Add Dimension

If all of those neutral walls leave you wanting more color, then an accent wall is just the thing you need. Add a bit of color and dimension with a paneled wall or craft a full wood accent wall to really add that farm charm.

Neutral Colors for Farmhouse Style

Wood, Wire, and Wicker

Wood, wire, and wicker are the most important materials needed in any farmhouse−and they can be used in just about anything! Wire baskets with wood shelves, wicker baskets on a wood table, wood picture frames… the list could go on forever. However you choose to bring these three elements into your home, they’re sure to give off the welcoming design you’re aiming for.

Light Fixtures

Another simple way to approach the farmhouse style is with the perfect light fixtures. When it comes to farmcore, you can’t go wrong with a candle chandelier. But if a classic chandelier isn’t your thing, then bring the wood, wire, and wicker rule to your lighting and search for a nice fixture that includes one or more of those materials!

Mud Room

Nothing gives off that authentic farmhouse charm like a whitewashed mud room. Adding a mud room is a great way to tie the farmhouse style together while also giving you and your family extra storage space for coats, shoes, hats, and more.

Balance of Old and New

Every farmhouse has a balance of old and new. This is why the farmhouse style is defined as traditional and rustic. So, find yourself a nice statement piece that represents the past and balance it out with a piece of modern furniture!

Shop Local Antiques

Speaking of old, your local antique shops are a treasure trove of perfect farmhouse pieces. Plus, it’s fun to look through all of the items! Once you source the décor that will blend with your style, you can always refurbish it with a new coat of paint.

Butcher Block Counters

Another tip to bring form and function into your farm home is a butcher block counter. This element is perfect for the chef in your family, and it also incorporates a natural woody feel to your kitchen.

Barn Doors

Of course, no farmhouse would be complete without the addition of a sliding barn door. This could replace your downstairs powder room door or a bedroom door. If you don’t want to change any of your existing doors, a great compromise is to buy a hutch with a sliding barn-style door for your kitchen or family room.


Lastly, the most well-known décor of the farmhouse style is the wordy artwork. Many home stores sell these trendy sayings, or you can custom-make one with your favorite quote. However, the quintessential farmhouse-style home wouldn’t be complete without a chalkboard. You can use this to write the quote of the day, a reminder for your kids, or a new recipe you’ve been wanting to try.Farmhouse Style Homes

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