How to Maximize Space in Your Home for the Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, our team at Chesmar Homes wanted to offer some tips to help you maximize your space so you can comfortably entertain guests for your holiday parties. Whether you have a smaller space or a lot of people coming over, these tips will help you pull off the most organized and fun party of the season:

How to Maximize Space in Your Home for the Holidays


First things first, the house must be clean and organized, and since you’ll probably be doing some cooking for your party, it makes sense to start with the kitchen! If you’re struggling to reduce clutter in your kitchen before your guests arrive, we recommend you check out these tips on how to maximize your pantry space to help save room on the countertops and more.

And, if you have a garage, it can be the perfect place to hide away any extra decoration or furniture that you won’t need for the party—and that will just get in the way. Check out these garage storage hacks.

Prep Food Ahead of Time

Speaking of saving room in the kitchen, it is best to do as much food prep as you can before the party. This will not only help you save space in the kitchen, but it will also allow you to spend more time with your guests.

Minimalist Décor

Another great way to save space but still get everyone in the holiday spirit is with minimalist holiday decorations. Embrace the fact that less can be more with a simple string of garland or dried orange slices on a string for a quaint and homey holiday vibe.

Designate a “Drop Zone”

Do you have a plan for where everyone will keep their coats, shoes, and more? If not, we suggest choosing a designated drop zone for everyone’s things. This could be as simple as a closet, but with multiple guests, it might be hard to fit everything. If that is the case, you could get a standing clothing rack with hangers and place it somewhere out of site.

Create Stations for Drinks, Food, and Fun

Have a plan in place for where your food and drinks will be served. A dedicated drink station and one for food usually works quite well. And, of course, set up some space for games and relaxation.

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Kids Table or Not?

Whether you have children on the guest list or not, a fun and space-saving way to entertain with limited seating is to use what you have! A coffee table can double as a chic dining area with some comfortable pillows for sitting.

Use Your Backyard

If the weather permits, don’t forget to use your outdoor space as well! By this time of year, you may want to winterize your patio furniture, but if you’re going to need extra space and you think the weather will be nice, maybe wait a few weeks to put those patio chairs away—or at least keep them accessible!

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