Is a Swimming Pool a Match for You?

Many dream of having their own swimming pool.  The sun shining softly on your skin—as you squint to block out the glare and take-in the beauty of family time while your dog joyfully splashes into your new pool.  Ahhh…it sounds so dreamy!

Everyone loves some “me” time, whether that means basking on the beach, getting your nails done, shopping, but probably not cleaning, right?  Few (maybe none) would ever say they love to CLEAN for their relaxation time. As much fun as a pool may seem, it comes with a lot of responsibility–a big part of which is the cleaning.  If it is your dream to own a pool, a smart choice might be to test one out before taking the deep dive into an in-ground pool.  Get yourself an above ground pool to see if you can (or want to) handle the maintenance and equipment management.

As a previous home swimming pool owner, I found out just how onerous one can be.  Now, I choose to get my family’s pool fun in other ways like visiting a friend that has one, enjoying my community pool, or taking advantage of a public swimming pool. It’s a big decision, to own a pool and there is much to consider: not only the financial and maintenance aspects but also the liabilities associated.  Do you want to put in the expense, work and time to maintain something that you won’t use each and every day?

This writer recommends that you do your research and dip your toe in–with caution.

Written By: Rubi Garza

Marketing Coordinator, Dallas Division