Kid’s Rooms Decorating Ideas

Unless you’re in touch with your inner child, decorating a kid’s room can be slightly overwhelming. Where should you begin? Will you have to redesign the room throughout the different phases of your child’s life? In this article, we’ll help you discover the answers to these popularly asked questions—giving you access to the tips and tricks you’ll need when the time comes to decorate your kid’s bedroom.

Evergreen Designs

With a kid’s room, you’re often thinking of the present and future uses of the space. It needs to marry practicality and creativity, becoming a room that’s easily adaptable to your child’s needs as they grow. To achieve this perfect balance, you’ll first need a room with good bones and a handful of standard, full-sized bedroom furnishings (dresser, bed, rug, etc.). These evergreen furnishings can grow with your child and are the perfect stepping stone for the room’s design, which can be personalized with fun textiles and accents that you can interchange throughout the room’s life.


Kids and toys go hand in hand. This is probably the most important thing to keep in mind as you design your kid’s room. To help them stay organized, keep storage solutions at their height. It doesn’t hurt to include open and hidden storage options to make the room look a little more put together. These storage solutions are also awesome for housing arts and crafts, books, linens, etc.

Art Wall

Kids are collectors with wild imaginations. To help them embrace their creativity and develop a sense of pride, dedicate a wall for their art! Whether it’s a giant corkboard or chalkboard, this space will encourage them to foster their imagination, hang prized works, and display pictures.

Lighting Options

The more lighting options in your kid’s room, the better! Lighting is not only necessary for midnight reading but is perfect for keeping the boogie man at bay, lighting the way to the restroom, and creating a magical ambiance.

Easy Updates

Try to avoid permanent upgrades to your kid’s room, as those furnishings will be more difficult to update when your child outgrows them or decides it’s time for a change. Stick with the basics and use paint to change color blends.

Play With Pattern

Patterns, colors, and different textures can all be achieved with textiles in your kid’s room! These are easy to replace and swap out but allow your child to express their unique personality.

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