Living Your Color Palette

Living in Color!

Color can make or break a mood–and an interior design.  Since we must live with our interior color choices, it is important to develop a scheme we really love, conveying the feeling we want it to.

Color is a huge influencer.  The challenge is to use it in such a way for the room to feel the way we want it to.  Don’t feel pressured to adopt the latest trend—especially if it’s just not you.  Color trends come and go.  You make your home beautiful by choosing colors that reflect your personality and blending them into a pleasing combination.

Each color has a psychological value.  What is the value you want color to communicate in your space?

  • Warmth or Coolness?
  • Intimacy or Spaciousness?
  • Drama or Romance?
  • Good health and Wellbeing?
  • Liveliness and Energy?







It’s good to involve family members in the process.  Make it a cooperative effort and weigh the following questions:  Is it personal or shared space?  Is there a theme?  How do you want it to feel?

So much to consider!  Well then, where do you start?

  • Spark ideas.  Fewer color tones are available in fabrics, flooring and furniture than in paint colors, so select them first and then decide on your paint color.  Check-out decorating books, magazines, online sources, blogs and websites for ideas.  Fabric can be a great guide.  Find one that pulls together the colors that you like and use it as a guide.
  • Avoid confusion.  Organize the space by leading with one color and let the room’s spirit shine through.  Letting one color dominate allows the flexibility of either mixing in other colors or combining hues of the same, for a monochromatic scheme.  Keep in mind that use of too many colors and patterns in your scheme can confuse the eye.
  • Exercise restraint.  Another approach is to choose a neutral palette that includes tone on tone, textures and natural elements with wood and touches of metal patinas to create layers of interest.
  • Try it out first Pin the paint and fabric samples to a prominent wall.  Live with them for a few days.  Study the effect of different lighting at different times of the day and note how they make you feel.
  • Take your time.  Good design takes time.  Done right, it’s a journey that serves to flush out the palette of colors that defines your individual style.

Written By: Donna Newcomb

Director of Marketing – Houston