Make Moving In Easy!

While moving to a new home can be stressful for most people, there are steps that you can take to minimize this anxiety! By following the simple steps below, you will regain control of the move and actually look forward to the exciting new change in your life. Just think, you’re only a short transition away from having your very own home that you can call your own!

Moving Tip #1 – Plan Ahead

If you know that you are moving well ahead of the date, do not procrastinate. While two or three months may seem like plenty of time to organize a move, with our busy lifestyles, your move date will be here before you realize it. Thus, it is an excellent idea to start planning your move two or three months before the actual move date. For instance, if you need to hire movers, start looking for a reputable mover and quotes right away.

Moving Tip #2 – Be Organized

In order to stay on top of the situation, it’s a wise idea to make lists. This way, you know exactly what needs to be completed. To further help, prioritize tasks to make certain that the more important tasks will be completed first. While a pen and paper list is handy, there are also computer programs such as and that can help you organize your move.

Moving Tip #3 – Get Rid of Unwanted Items

In order to make your move a bit easier, consider getting rid of unwanted items in your house. This way, you will have less to transport when the actual moving day comes – saving you both time and money. You can then donate these items – if in good shape – to a local charity of your choice. Of course, if you have the time, you can sell these unwanted items at a traditional garage sale or via online garage sales such as the ones on Craigslist or on Facebook groups. As an added bonus, you can also make a bit of extra money as well.

Moving Tip #4 – Prepare for the Unexpected

It is important to mentally prepare for unexpected setbacks. After all, even if you are extremely organized, unexpected events out of your control can happen. For instance, if your movers can no longer move your items on a designated date, it is a good idea to have a list of reputable back up movers and rental truck companies on-hand as a back-up plan.

Moving Tip #5 – Treat Yourself

Moving to a new home involves a substantial amount of time and effort; thus, you should remember to take proper care of yourself. While it may seem like you do not have enough time to complete all of your tasks, it is important to take time out for yourself as well. Remember to eat and sleep properly and take the time to do activities that make you happy. For instance, take time to visit your favorite bookstore, meet a friend for coffee or go out to a movie. These activities will relax you and allow you to more effectively focus on the tasks at hand when the time again comes.