New Home Finishes – Conquering Your Stage Fright!

You’ve determined which floor plan fits you best, picked-out the perfect home site—and with unbridled excitement realize your dream is about to come true.  You can envision your new life in your beautiful new home.  Total bliss!

Then… suddenly you are smacked back to reality with the really big challenge: selecting the interior finishes.  A few folk own their distinctive look and easily zero in on what they want.  However, that is not the norm.  If coordinating cabinets, hardware, countertops, backsplashes and flooring strike fear, you are not alone.  The selection process is often stressful and overwhelming to even the most seasoned home buyer.

The popular modern farmhouse look has simplified the decision making a bit for some.  With white or gray as the dominant scheme in this style, light and inviting interiors are created with an easy mix of texture and tone-on-tone options.  The clean-sweep of weightless hues opens up spaces to stand as unfettered spans on which to showcase your lovely furnishings and contemporary collections.


Those preferring a transitional or traditional look may achieve it by selecting warm woods and grainy solid surfaces with movement and contrast.  Rich earthy gray and brown tints serve up the perfect setting for beautiful wood furniture and can be enhanced by vibrant colors dispersed through textiles, accessories, and artwork.  The resulting interiors project a cozy and friendly “welcome home” feeling to both family and guests.



Whatever your design style, your new home consultant has helped hundreds through the selection jungle with nary a loss.  Relax!  Rely on them to be a great aid in honing in on the look that defines you.  Think of your home as a theatrical production.  The finishes you are selecting are just the canvas or stage.  Your furnishings are stage settings, and you are the STAR

Written By: Donna Newcomb

Director of Marketing – Houston