Sourcing The Best Materials For Your Homes

Every year we see new developments in the products we are using on and in our homes. With the popularity of all the home improvement shows and DIY websites, many times that is where these products are showcased. It gives visibility to the market trends. Our customers love these shows and ask for things they have seen there.

Another great opportunity can be found at the NAHB International Builders’ Show. As a company that builds in Texas only, we don’t have as much exposure to the products that are being used in other states or regions of the country. This show gives us the opportunity to see what’s coming up in the future, what’s new now, and what’s been recently improved.


Our vendor partners are a great source for new products. As they add new products to their offerings, they share these with us to allow us to decide whether we want to add these to our programs as well. New vendors will also bring new products to our attention as well. While we try to develop long-lasting partnerships with our vendors, sometimes they may not be able to keep up with the latest technology.


Last, but certainly not least, our Purchasing teams share information with each other often. If a better product comes to our attention, we share that information with the other Purchasing teams across Chesmar. Our quarterly Purchasing Council meetings are a great forum for these discussions. TEAMWORK!






Written By: Tracy Frederico

Dallas – Purchasing Manager