Spice Up Your Home With Color!

Colors have real power in our lives, especially at home. Certain colors can make rooms appear larger, make gathering areas more comfortable, and bedrooms more calm. Instead of spending a lot of money on contractors or remodeling, it’s time to consider the impact a simple change of paint can have on your surroundings.

Red – A powerful color often associated with passion or love. Red is never boring, and can warm up an otherwise cold or empty feeling room. Be adventurous and use red as an accent on cabinets, or go wild and paint several walls to bring new life to a space.

Blue – A very popular choice for almost any room or space! Blue, especially lighter shades, can give you a sense of tranquility and cleanness. Darker shades such as navy make spaces much more dramatic or important. Blues are a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms!

Green – A very natural, soothing color that everyone associates with earth and freshness. Green, no matter the shade, can be used in any room due to its versatility and ability to blend with almost any surrounding. Brighten up a dark space by injecting some lime, or even change the look of the kitchen with a feathery light green paint.

Yellow – Universally understood as being a color the evokes feelings of happiness and optimism. Make your spaces “feel good” by adding a light shade to accent the natural sunlight. Yellows are very uplifting, but make sure to pick the right shade.

Orange – This is one of our favorite colors, as it screams pure energy and happiness! Make any room or space more warm and exciting by picking a shade of orange, or simply accent pieces since orange can be very bold. Taking the passion of red and mixing with the energy of yellows gets you an orange that goes a long way, depending on the shade.

Grey – A calm neutral that blends with any space or combination of colors mentioned in this blog post. Grey is sophisticated yet simple and elegant. If you’re looking to make a bathroom or kitchen area appear clean or sharp, use a combination of grey, white, and accent with your favorite bold color.

Brown – This is a serious, robust color that is certain to make your study or bedroom more studious. Brown will complement any natural wood finishes, and make your home feel very warm and relaxed. Combine with a light blue or green for contrast, or dark shades of red or yellow to extend the palette.

Purple – This is a tricky color to get right, but when you do it shows in a big way! Add exotic, royal flair to enhance the beauty of your rooms. Purple is great for a teen’s bedroom, or a front entry way depending on the hue. Combine with grey, light blues, or greens to really intensify your surroundings!

Pink – A very bold and criminally underused color, pink can really turn a room upside down! Typically associated with glamor, or energy, pinks can also be soothing. Complement a light pink with beige or grey for an electric look.

Color is part of the human condition and a way we express ourselves. There are colors that work or don’t work in some areas of the home, but it’s OK to be creative during this process. If you’re completely new to art or color, don’t fret! Many paint companies and local home stores will assist in creating a palette that’s right for you. So take some time to plan out the right look for your home in order to express yourself the way you envision.