Stay on the Beam

“Stay on the beam!”A phrase I heard all too often as a competitive gymnast.

Now let me be honest… the beam was my least favorite event. Face it, tumbling on a 4 inch-wide apparatus is just crazy, with a capital Z!

However, putting all of that aside, I must also admit that facing fears, mental blocks, and hurdles are one of my FAVORITE things. After all, a little pressure positively applied encourages me and I would assume most of us, to keep pushing ourselves. That being said, I ALWAYS felt more empowered after completing a routine. Even when it scared me. Regardless of the score.

This was probably for several reasons…. but my favorite ones being that I survived, I didn’t let myself down, and I finished what I started.

Let’s jump into the now.

I encourage you to remind yourself to “stay on the beam” or whatever little phrase kicks you into gear. As many of us know, but fail to truly acknowledge… facing fears, mental blocks, and hurdles in the workplace or any place for that matter will only truly be victorious and worth it when done with an awesome attitude. You might get by a time or two acting like Eeyore, but there will come a time where the extra effort and positive attitude will make all of the difference in how you succeed.

It’s okay to fall, just get back up. You’re allowed wobble, just steady yourself. Take things one skill at a time and don’t lose sight of the end goal.

Stay on the beam and most importantly finish strong.


Written by: Aimee McCauley, Houston New Home Consultant