Storage Ideas for Your New Home

We see you scoping the internet for some home organization tips. Are we blaming a certain binge-worthy Netflix show? Maybe…well, yes! Simplifying your routines, lifestyle, junk drawers, etc. starts with good storage solutions. And the trick to finding said solutions can be accomplished without spending an arm and a leg on 50 wicker baskets. Stick around as we help spark your inner organization genius with some creative storage ideas for your new home.

The Purge: Home Edition

You might call it donating or cleaning; but we call it purging! Before you embark on ANY organization ventures or buy ANY storage solutions, you must follow this step. Go room by room and toss or donate any lingering objects or unused possessions. This will help you take inventory of what you have and use—making the process of storing your belongings much easier.

Versatility is Your Friend

After you’ve purged your home of random knickknacks, it’s time to invest in some storage solutions that will keep your keepsakes safe and organized. Now, pigeonholing your storage solutions is a sure way to stray from a budget and end up with a mess of organization containers. The alternative: Choose your storage options wisely and make sure that you can get multiple purposes out of them throughout the various spaces in your home. Here are some of our favorite storage hacks for the various rooms in your home:

Living Room

Investing in an entertainment center is one of the best ways to create storage space in your living room. This unit can serve as an epicenter for all things entertainment-related: DVDs, puzzles, family game night activities, extra electronic wires and devices, manuals, and TV storage. Some other great multipurpose storage solutions can be hollow ottomans and lift-top coffee tables.


Bookshelves and dressers are great storage solutions in the bedroom. They can hide and showcase your various possessions, helping you personalize the space without the clutter. For even more storage, consider looking under the bed! You can look at bedframes with built-in drawers or invest in pullout containers to maximize this space.


Kitchen, meet the rolling cart—your new best friend. In the kitchen, sometimes it’s better to have mobile storage. From bar cart to appetizer display, these units are perfectly versatile for your needs.


Cramped bathroom? No, thank you! The bathroom vanity offers a lot of storage opportunities, so long as you organize. We suggest investing in clear containers that are easy to scan. Bonus: They will hold you accountable to mess, as you’ll be able to spot any new clusters quickly.


The mudroom/laundry room is often left out of the storage phase, but it shouldn’t be. This is the hub for many families, so keeping things tidy is a must. Try designating a landing/drop zone for each member of the family, labeling baskets and hooks with names. This is a great spot to collect shoes, jackets, reusable bags, face masks, etc.

Chesmar Homes: Organizers in Disguise

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