Take Care of Your Outdoor Patio in the Summer!

Summer heat can warp wood, melt plastic, and cause metal nails to pop out of their holes. Fighting the ravages of the midday sun is a constant battle, only ending well into October here in Houston. Here are three things you can do to help protect your furniture this summer!

Keep It in the Shade

The temperature difference between direct light and shaded areas can be twenty degrees or more, creating situations where parts of your deck are nice and cool and other parts are scorching, paint flecking, hazard zones. Use cloth canopies to block out light on anything that may be damaged. This also helps preserve the quality of the stain on your patio and furniture, since direct sunlight breaks down most petro-chemicals used in paint and weather protectants.

Apply Plenty of Stain

Wood pieces should be treated at the beginning of every summer for the exact same reason why a car should receive a new coat of wax. By touching up the stain, you will guarantee that the underlying wood is protected against both direct sunlight and rain. Some areas are also prone to insect infestations. If you happen to live in an area with bug problems, get a stain designed to help your wood resist insects.

Keep It Dry

If a piece of furniture is made out of something that can break down, then exposing it to rain showers is not the right decision. Whenever possible, move the pieces inside the garage or a storage shed before the rain hits. This will help extend the functional and aesthetic life of your outdoor furniture. It will also help cut down on areas where mosquitos can lay eggs.