Take the Time – Enjoy Spring Time!

Take time to enjoy the beginning of Spring, it arrived just a week ago. Our world is under stress at this time, but we will get through it. Families are spending more time together, whether by choice or mandated. Some are enjoying family, some maybe not so much. I have noticed my own family members watching more movies, playing games, cleaning, and organizing their homes. My granddaughter recently played a game of memory that was given to our family a few years ago by Bart Swider. Of course, this is new to her, not being a game on the iPhone or iPad.

The weather has been nice lately. Get outdoors and take a walk. Enjoy the bluebonnets on the side of the road and in the fields, many of the other wildflowers are out as well. Small family groups in our neighbors are walking the community, staying separated, and not coming up to the front porch, a little strange, but appropriate for today. Over the last week or two, many of our neighbors used chalk to write good feeling phrases on their sidewalks to uplift each other as we walk around the neighborhood.

The blooming trees and flowers will only last a few weeks before we are in the middle of our Texas heat. Sometimes slowing down and taking a few minutes to enjoy nature can be a great stress reliever. I always recommend taking a hike or walk this time of year.


Written By:

Terry Jermolajevs