The Most Popular Bedroom Paint Colors

Imagine this: You’ve just wrapped up a chaotic day full of work, chores, kids, etc. and it’s finally time to escape to your happy place—the bedroom. You blindly stumble into your personal oasis, fling yourself onto an over-pillowed bed, and start to sink into pure bliss… until you open your eyes and are greeted with a horrible shade of puke green.

Moral of the story: The wrong bedroom paint color can be the thing of nightmares.

You’re not alone; many homeowners discount the importance of selecting the right paint color for their bedrooms. That’s why we’re here to help you discover the power of color psychology in relation to the home—paying particular attention to relaxing spaces. Whether you prefer neutrals or all about bold statements, finding the perfect shade for the bedroom begins here:

Color Psychology

While color psychology might sound like a mouthful of gibberish to the average individual, it actually refers to the proven, scientific link between emotions and certain colors. In relation to the home, this science shows that paint color can be more than a visual experience—also affecting your mood. With that in mind, choosing paint colors for various rooms of your home can quickly start to feel like a bigger undertaking than you may have originally imagined. Don’t stress and don’t let this psychology define your color selections. You have the freedom to personalize the space to your liking; however, color psychology does offer the perfect tool for anyone stuck between selections.

Here are some of the best bedroom colors for sleep, relaxation, and passion:


Muted shades of blue are soothing. They can help promote tranquility in the bedroom, keeping anxiety, Sunday Scaries, and nightmares away. Light blues also tend to pair well with tans and creams, a staple color in many bedrooms.


Quick silver or quick-to-fall-asleeper? Grays and silvers are super versatile, meshing well with most color themes. It’s seen as a glamorous, modern color that can remind you of moonlight and starlight—what more could you want in a bedroom paint color?


Purple has been a symbol of elite luxury for centuries! Not only has it been shown to boost creativity—making it perfect for dreamers—but it has also been shown to ignite passion and romance.


Muted yellows are associated with warmth and wonder. If you are someone who loves sunsets and sunrises, this color choice might be the perfect pick for your bedroom.


No, we’re not talking about neon or puke-colored greens! Olive and mossy greens are a perfect paint pick for nature enthusiasts or plant parents. Green has been shown to promote comfort and relaxation, making it a great alternative to muted blue.

Creams & Whites

Creams and white shades remain a bedroom paint favorite for indecisive homeowners. Not only are the hues refreshing, but they are also perfect for complementing other pops of color in the room.

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