Tiny Concepts: Making it Work

Have you noticed?  Tiny is the new big thing.  Tiny living and decluttering in an effort to achieve internal order has become a huge social movement.  Need proof?  Just scroll through the millions of occurrences in which #minimalism shows up on Instagram.  Kudos to those choosing to downsize, unburden and live with less.  As they say, “If the shoe fits …”

In truth though, one size does not fit all.  For many of us, our reality is not tiny in concept– it’s more about thriving in the space our family occupies, that supports our lifestyle, holds all our combined necessities and which we call home.  And to that end, we are working with space.  And that space requires consideration on how its contents are placed to function, in purpose and style.  The actual size of the space or room is typically not as important as how large or small it seems.  There are tried-and-true tricks of the trade that designers utilize to make the most of room size and fool the eye.

Make a small space feel larger, by–

  • Enlist fabrics to create unity with a blend of light, cool colors or pale neutrals. Use in flowing, repetitive and horizontal patterns for full-length window treatments and coordinating accents.  Avoid strong contrasts.
  • Limit furniture to essentials to open space and rest the eye.
  • Opt for leggy (or trendy acrylic) furniture pieces to expose open floor space.


Cozy-up a larger space, by—

  • Use large-scale furniture designed to sit solidly on the floor and bold patterns in warm tones to visually fill space. Extend the room visually with lighting, area rugs and accent walls.
  • Organize space by varying furniture heights and pull pieces into functional groupings.
  • Use dividers, screens and storage pieces to partition off the room into functional segments or groupings.







Space reclaimed and retrained feels simplified and new.  Joy can be the result of transforming your space from disjointed, hardly working into graceful and highly functioning.  Making it work may not be a movement in social media yet, but on the home front, it can be extremely satisfying!


Written By Donna Newcomb

Director of Marketing – Houston