What is a Master Planned Community?

Finding the perfect home, one with good bones and the perfect layout, is no easy feat. As you get wrapped up in the details of the actual house, there’s one more aspect that you can’t afford to sacrifice—location. Community and location are not only vital from a practicality standpoint but are also important considerations when it comes down to security and neighborhood safety. For these reasons and many more, homeowners are starting to seek solace in master planned communities. These residential safe havens are planned down to the very last detail, ensuring all necessities are within a homeowner’s reach. Sounds too good to be true, right? In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the advantages of moving to a master planned community—weighing the pros and cons so you can ensure you’re making the best investment for your unique needs.

What is a Master Planned Community?

Typically larger than your average neighborhood, master planned communities are centered around amenities and often feature newly constructed homes that favor contemporary designs and cohesive appearances. To ensure that the location and market value of the community remains top tier, most master planned communities will also have a Homeowner’s Association (HOA). Contrary to popular beliefs surrounding HOA’s and their “impossible standards,” HOAs uphold certain rules and regulations regarding the customization of your property in order to better the neighborhood in the long run—preventing unmanageable home maintenance issues for future residents and stabilizing the market value of the community. What’s more, most HOAs will help homeowners with maintenance responsibilities such as lawn care or paint upkeep—working with you when requests are made to personalize your home.

Getting The Most From Your Chesmarian Community

With all of these incredible community benefits at your fingertips in addition to well-maintained and beautifully constructed homes, life in one of Chesmar’s master planned communities has its perks. The value of living in one of these manicured communities is well worth the cost for many reasons including:


Located in prime locations throughout HoustonDallasSan Antonio, and Austin, Chesmar’s master planned communities are near some of the best up-and-coming Texas cities. While city life is just around the corner, however, these quiet communities sit within their own private sphere. And, because everything in these communities is considered in advance, anything you could ever hope for in a location is within your proximity: retail, grocery stores, schools, entertainment centers, gas stations, and more.

Unique Amenities

Centered around amenities, these communities feature an abundance of unique activities that will attract people of the same interests—offering you a friendly neighborhood vibe without sacrificing the privacy of a single-family home in a gated community.

Home Personalization

While some master planned communities are very restrictive with regard to home customization, the specialists at Chesmar are fully prepared to work with you to implement the personalized touches that you are hoping for with your new home. Our model homes come with a variety of base-line features that are anything but basic and can be tweaked to better suit your unique preferences.

Ready to benefit from life in one Chesmar Homes’ master planned communities? Reach out today to learn more about our Texas homes and streamlined process.