Winter Energy-Saving Tips for Texas Homeowners

Winter Energy-Saving Tips for Texas Homeowners

Winter Energy-Saving Tips | Chesmar HomesThe weather in Texas can be quite unpredictable, especially in the winter. While we are luckier than most when it comes to freezing temperatures, frost, and winter storms, we still see our fair share of cold days and nights. So, Chesmar is here to give our fellow Texan homeowners a few energy-saving tips to get us through the winter while saving a little money while we’re at it!

How to Save Money on Energy Bills in Winter

Each and every Chesmar home is built for energy efficiency to help keep you and your family comfortable throughout the entire year and your wallet comfortable with lower energy bills. However, there is more to it than investing in energy-efficient windows and doors. Here are a few tips for conserving energy this winter:

Ceiling Fans

Fans in the winter? That’s right!

Heat rises, so reversing the direction of your ceiling fans will re-circulate air allowing the heat to be distributed.

Bundle Up

This one is a no-brainer, but it is still a good reminder. Make sure to wear socks, pants, and long sleeves before you touch that thermostat. And a nice cozy blanket never hurt, either!


LED lightbulbs can help keep your energy costs down a bit, but you can go the extra mile by using daylight to your advantage. During the day, keep the lights off if possible and benefit from the free, natural light. Bonus point: the sun will also help warm up your home if your blinds and currents are open. Keep your curtains closed at night to add an extra layer of insulation to keep the warmth in.


Be sure to replace your furnace filters as needed. Most heating professionals will recommend you do so every three months, but if you have pets, you might need to replace them more often.

And don’t forget your yearly furnace tune-up! Maintaining your furnace will not only increase the life of your heating system but it will also allow your home to be heated more efficiently.


There are many energy-saving hacks when it comes to your appliances. Only run the dishwasher and washer with full loads, make sure to clean the lint from the dryer. However, one appliance that uses a lot of energy is often overlooked—the water heater.

Tank water heaters allow you to set the temperature limit—once the water is heated to that temperature, it stays that hot 24/7. By adjusting the set temperature a few degrees lower, you can save a few bucks on your energy bill, which adds up month after month!

Learn More About Energy Efficient Living with Chesmar

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