Celebrating Culture with Dallas / Fort Worth

Dallas-Fort Worth  is an impressive melting pot of American cultures, forged in the crucible of a city that’s been growing and changing, experiencing influxes and migration of many different communities, since the early 1800s. Today, this means that Dallas-Fort Worth  locals can experience the cultural events and shared traditions of many different demographics, making it a fascinating and fulfilling city that never leaves you without something to do for the weekend.

Saint Patrick’s Day

For Saint Patrick’s Day, a popular holiday around the country, Dallas-Fort Worth  locals can attend a music concert put on by the Dallas Observer, as well as an official parade organized by the Greenville Avenue Area Business Association that benefits the GAABA Scholarship Fund. Families and people of all ages can have a great time at these fun outdoor events, while making sure they’re wearing enough green that they won’t get pinched.

One of the best parties around, St. Patrick’s Day is a favorite among the holidays at Dublin Square in Fort Worth. With Guinness, green beer, live music and beads, everyone is Irish at Dublin Square on St. Patty’s Day.

Deep Ellum Arts Festival

For the arts inclined, you can look forward all year to the Deep Ellum Arts Festival from April 7-9. While the Deep Ellum neighborhood is a nexus for arts and culture, most notably live music, year-round, during the Arts Festival it truly comes alive — with totally free admission. Fine arts lovers can bask in the work of muralists, jewelers, portraitists, sculptors and more who will be creating art and have their wares for sale. Festival visitors can also enjoy four stages of live music, hearing a diverse mix of different genres. And if anyone gets a bit peckish, they can try any number of flavors — Mexican, Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Asian dishes are all available, as well as beer, wine and soda.

The Main Street Fort Worth’s Art Festival is the largest 4 day event in the southwest boasting fine art, music, food and culture together in an urban setting.  Attendance is always free!

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo, the Mexican cultural celebration of the Mexican Army’s victory at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, is popular all over the US. But for Dallas-Fort Worth  residents, it’s a unique and joyful time like no other. The free Univision Festival de Mayo is a fantastic time for the whole family, and many local restaurants and bars, like Mattito’s, throw local favorite parties and celebrations. On historic Jefferson Boulevard, you can catch a full parade followed by a fun festival and car show thanks to the Oak Cliff Coalition for the Arts.

No matter what your reason is for celebrating Cinco De Mayo, you can’t go wrong celebrating it in Fort Worth. During Cinco De Mayo there are several parades, Mexican Festivals and Margaritas and Coronas to go around.


Later in the summer, Dallas-Fort Worth residents can enjoy the deeply meaningful Juneteenth celebration, the historical anniversary of enslaved people in Texas learning that they had been emancipated in 1865. Dallas-Fort Worth  locals can participate in arts and crafts, a live petting zoo, and train rides for kids at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center while enjoying live entertainment and delicious local food.

In many ways, every day in Dallas-Fort Worth  is a celebration of different lifestyles, cultures, traditions and interests, and locals can also mark their calendar and divide their year by the scores of different events and citywide experiences that both honor the uniqueness of different communities and unite the city.