Does an Open Floor Plan Add Value?

Does an Open Floor Plan Add Value?“Open floor plan” has been one of the most-used phrases in the real estate market to date. Don’t believe us? Turn your T.V. onto any home improvement network and you’ll undoubtedly hear it from the designer, homeowner, or contractor in question. So, why has this phrase become popular and well-known by first-time home buyers and experts alike? And is this common floor plan something that you should consider when looking for a new home? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this latest floor plan trend, its value, and its advantages.

What is an Open Floor Plan?

The phrase “open floor plan” typically refers to the interior architecture of a residence in which two or more traditionally separated spaces are joined to create one, giant space; partitioned walls are removed and the sense of a divided home vanishes. This residential floor plan is fairly new but was popularized in the 1990s and in restoration projects for older, historical homes that were designed with many corridors. In contemporary homes, the goal for most open floor plans is to join the kitchen, formal dining room, and living room into one massive space—the great room.

The Value of Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans have become a popular architectural design concept thanks to their aesthetically pleasing openness that allows for better traffic flow and an overall sense of welcoming. For these reasons, and more, an open floor plan is almost always the right choice for home renovations or new home hunting. In fact, because it’s highly desirable, this design plan has the potential to increase your home’s value to prospective buyers. Here are some of the attractive benefits of open floor plans that have helped boost their popularity in recent years:

Better Traffic Flow

By removing wall partitions and creating one massive space—whether that be by combining the kitchen and living room or morphing the dining room and living room—you can enhance the overall traffic flow of your home. This is great for homeowners who enjoy entertaining and hosting parties as it opens up the space.

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Brighter Space

Access to natural light in a home is crucial for creating a welcoming space—not to mention, it’s necessary for mental health. In traditional, separated floor plans, access to natural light could be limited by walls. An open floor plan removes those barriers, instantly carrying natural light throughout the entire space.

Layout Flexibility

Open-concept floor plans are multifunctional spaces that offer lots of layout flexibility, giving you the design freedom to create a space that is unique to your preferences. It also permits you to buy that oversized sectional you always wanted for football watch parties without creating a cramped space.

Enhanced Sociability

Of course, with an open floor plan, there is also nowhere to hide! Without the walls blocking your line of sight, you’ll be able to watch the kids easily, have a conversation without screaming, and create the perfect entertainment space.

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