How Many Bedrooms Is Right for Me?

How Many Bedrooms Should My New Home Have?

How Many Bedrooms Should My New Home HavePurchasing a home is a little like buying new pants – what fits you perfectly now may not in the future. Unlike a pair of chinos, however, adjusting the size of your house to suit your new requirements takes more than a visit to the tailor or mall. That’s why it’s important to consider not only your current needs, but also your future ones before making a final decision. For many homebuyers, the quality that most defines a home’s size (even more than its actual square footage!) is the number of bedrooms it has. At Chesmar Homes, we offer a wide selection of stunning three-, four- and five-bedroom models, all of which boast open floor plans, covered patios, landscaped front yards, and all major kitchen appliances. Which one is right for you? Obviously, your budget will play a big part in determining that, but even if you think you already have a pretty good idea of how many bedrooms you want, make sure you’ve asked yourself these three questions before signing on the dotted line.

How Many People Will Be Living Under My Roof?

Ah,” you may be thinking, “starting out with an easy one.” Of course, you’ve already taken this into account. Maybe it’s just you and your partner. Maybe there are one or more kids involved. It’s not hard to do the math. The tricky part is taking into account the variables. And there are always variables. Let’s say you have three children, two boys, six and eight, and one girl, 13. How many bedrooms will they need? Two? Three? Four? While four may seem extravagant, you need to keep in mind that in many three-bedroom floorplans, the two smaller bedrooms share a common bathroom. Will your daughter be happy with that arrangement? Or your boys, for that matter? In a four-bedroom home, it’s more likely the second full bath is accessed from a hallway rather than a bedroom, so privacy is less of an issue.

Another variable is the possibility that an additional family member will move in with you at some point. That can mean a little bundle of joy, or it could mean your mom – and her cat. Both scenarios can come out of the blue. An additional bedroom will provide the flexibility to accommodate your expanding household.

Will There Be Frequent Guests at My House?

This may seem like a question about overnight guests, and it is – in part. Having a spare bedroom is obviously a huge plus for those with lots of out-of-town family and friends who love visiting. But that extra bedroom can be a valuable space even when your guests are just dropping by for the evening. Spare bedrooms can be impersonal, and that’s a good thing. It provides a semi-public room where people can put their coats and hats in the winter, or umbrellas and other wet-weather gear, without intruding into your personal space. And if there’s an attached bathroom, so much the better.

Do I Need a Flex Room or a Bedroom?

Flex RoomFlex rooms are becoming more and more common in newly constructed homes, including those offered by Chesmar. As their name suggests, flex rooms can be used for many things, from exercising to entertaining, but the name can also be a little misleading. Flex space would be more accurate. That’s because unlike a bedroom, which always has a door, a flex room might not. That may not matter if you’re just looking for a quiet space to read a book or sew. Then again, there are many times when a door is exactly what you need, and not simply because of privacy or sound control. Let’s say, for example, you work from home one or more days a week – a situation that’s becoming increasingly common. You could simply work from the kitchen table or a desk tucked into the corner. But remember mom’s cat from above? Turns out she just loves cozying up to your warm laptop and stretching out across the keyboard. Having a home office that allows you to put a little distance between you and Mittens can mean the difference between a productive work day and hours of furry frustration.

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