How to Decorate a New Home

How to Decorate a New Home

How to Decorate a New HomeThere is little more rewarding than purchasing a new home. Whether it’s your first or your last, your residence is an investment that serves a large role in your everyday life—keeping your family safe and comfortable 365 days of the year. Since you’ll likely be spending the vast majority of your time in your new home, decorating it so that it mirrors your personality and offers a level of escape from the busy world is crucial to ensuring your longtime happiness and comfort. But how exactly can you achieve the decoration that you’re looking for as an inexperienced interior decorator with a set budget? Stick around as we key you in to the secrets of decorating a new home, ensuring you can master the task with little stress and a happy wallet.

Don’t Buy Everything at Once

Moving into a home has become a rite of passage; it’s a symbol of independence and a new life to come. As an important milestone, the urge to fill your place with all-new furniture and decorative details within the first few months of living there is a temptation that almost all homeowners face. We’re here to warn against this train of thought. While waiting to buy new furniture might make you shiver and itch, there’s a good reason behind the madness—saving money. Splurging on purchases for your new home that may at first seem necessary is a nightmare waiting to happen. Why? How you think you’re going to use your new house and how you actually live in it are two very different things. After a few months adjusting to your new place, you’ll be able to get a better feel for your decorative needs—making smart investments instead of rash investments.

The Matchy-Matchy Myth

Once you’ve gotten a feel for your new home and are ready for some personalized furnishings, it’s time to put on your interior designer cap. Inspiration strikes at any time and will come at you from all directions, potentially overwhelming you with design choices. The biggest fear for most homeowners who are trying to achieve a cohesive design in their residences is lack of ‘matchiness.’ While retail stores will have you think that you have to match everything to create a perfect interior design, this myth is far from the truth. In fact, matching everything can create a generic, lifeless design that won’t feel like your home. To ensure your personal style shines through, have fun with your choices! The rule of thumb is to select pieces that fall within the same proportion and scale of your existing furniture and accessories to create the balance that you’re looking for.

Colors Are Your Friends

Home DesignColor is a magical tool in your interior décor toolbox. This easy and economical solution to your interior decorating woes has the power to unify a room with mismatched furniture. How? Playing up similar, neutral colors in the room and adding a pop of bold, accent color in accessories can start to complement the pieces in your collection without requiring a shopping spree. You can add these colors in curtains, rugs, accent pillows, blankets, and frames.

Benefits of Starting With Good Bones

Of course, one of the best ways to streamline the decorating process for your new home is to start with a good foundation. At Chesmar Homes, our read-built homes and new construction homes are designed to offer exactly that. Favoring contemporary, open-concept layouts and neutral color concepts, these homes are the perfect backdrop for your personal flair. And, if you get stuck in the design process, our team of talented associates is prepared to help you transform your empty house into a cozy home. With locations in communities throughout HoustonDallasSan Antonio, and Austin, we are here to help you find your home-sweet-home.