Living Room Layout Inspiration

3 Gorgeous Living Room Layout Ideas for Your New Home

Living Room Layout Ideas for Your New HomeWhen it comes to designing and decorating the living room of your new home, there are few things more challenging than standing in an empty space and not knowing where to start. Your living room is where you spend a lot of your time relaxing, watching TV, entertaining friends, and so much more. The space may even sometimes double as a home office, play area for your children, or even a dining room. With so much of your time spent in the living room, it’s important that you create a living room layout that feels inviting and works for your space, not against it. There are so many things to consider when putting together a layout for your living room, from personal aesthetic, lifestyle, budget, and more. With so much to think about and decide, it can be difficult to know how best to arrange your living room. Here are three gorgeous living room layout ideas to get your creative wheels spinning.

Open Concept

Open concept living rooms allow for easy entertaining and good traffic flow, but a living room that shares a space with an adjoining room, such as the family room, dining area, or kitchen, can present challenges for those who want to distinguish their living room from these other areas. In order to create an efficient and functional layout for an open concept living room, consider how you plan on using the space, as this will help you make smart decisions about how to arrange your furniture and accessories. You can use furniture to set your living room apart from other rooms — just make sure to keep the flow open, so your family and friends can have the feeling of being together, while still doing other things in the same space.

Perfect for Entertaining

For those who enjoy entertaining, a well-devised living room is crucial. The best parties are the ones where there is lots of space to wander, hang out, and have conversations. It’s a good idea to include multiple seating areas and communal seating options to accommodate all of your guests. Keep in mind that your living room doesn’t have to be laid out for entertaining on a daily basis (unless you want it to), but you can always rearrange your space to make it feel more party-friendly.

Classic Living Room LayoutClassic Living Room Layout

You can’t go wrong with a classic living room layout. This type of layout is all about balance, offering plenty of space to move around with a focal point that allows you to easily arrange your furniture, decor, and accessories in a way that makes sense and promotes harmony. Decide on a focal point, whether it’s your TV, fireplace, chandelier, or artwork, and your furniture arrangements will easily fall into place around it. Start with your seating and arrange it around your focal point, then move on to tables, storage, and lighting.

Bottom Line

No matter how you choose to arrange your living room, it’s important that your layout ensures a nice flow to the rest of your home as well. Before deciding on a layout, figure out what is most important to you in order to create a space that reflects your functional needs and design preferences.

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