Bathroom Paint Color Inspiration

What Are the Most Popular Bathroom Paint Colors?

Designing a bathroom involves lots of tough choices, including choosing the perfect color scheme. Certain colors have the power to make you feel energized or soothed, awakened or calmed down, which is why when it comes to selecting a bathroom paint color, it’s important that you consider the mood you want to evoke. With the right paint color, you will be able to transform anything from a small powder room to a large master bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary. Create a bathroom that demands attention while promoting tranquility with these popular bathroom paint colors:


Neutral paint colors offer a world of possibilities for bathrooms. Soft taupe is a perfect option for homeowners who are looking for something neutral that still makes their space feel cozy and warm. This color pairs well with soft greens, pinks, and blues, and makes even the smallest space feel luxurious and serene.

Soft Gray

A soft, light gray is a great way to keep your space neutral while also adding a little bit of edge. Incorporate the cooling colors of granite and concrete into your paint for a contemporary look.

Bright White

Clean, crisp white is a timeless option for bathrooms. While it may feel simple, bright white can actually be quite striking and sophisticated, especially when paired with different textures. Consider using different shapes of tile on the floor and in the shower with white paint and all-white accents, warm things up by using wood accents or neutrals, or go bold with bright accessories.

Creamy WhiteCreamy White Bathroom

If bright white feels a little too intense for you, consider trying a creamy white. Creamy whites create depth and add warmth to cold, dark spaces. This color pairs well with softer accent colors, like neutrals, pinks, and lavenders.

Light Blue

Another popular paint color option for bathrooms is light blue. Blue is a classic bathroom color, reminiscent of the sky and water. It makes you feel calm and relaxed, while also inspiring confidence and trust. It’s the perfect color for creating a spa-like feel when used as the main color throughout the bathroom, but works well as an accent with many other colors.

Light Green

Bring in the outdoors by painting your bathroom walls in light green shades. Light green is a calming color that can make a space look fresh and feel relaxing. It comes in a wide array of hues and intensities, mixes well with other earthy, natural tones — like brown, taupe, and sand — and suits any decor style.


If you’re looking for something more dramatic for your bathroom, consider charcoal. While this color is a bit on the darker side, it has warm elements that make it a versatile option for bathrooms. Charcoal is moody and sophisticated; an alternative to soft gray that gives bathrooms a cozy feel, while still maintaining a contemporary, modern edge. This color pairs well with natural wood tones and metallic accents, creating a space that’s chic, yet serene.

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