Ready-Built Homes Austin, TX

Ready-Built Homes in Austin, TX, Are Really “Ready” for You!

Ready-Built Homes Austin, TXA lot goes into finding the perfect home, not to mention building the perfect home. If you are a homebuyer who would rather have a newly constructed home but are crunched on time, then Chesmar’s ready-built homes are the perfect solution. As one of the most trusted home builders in Texas, you can rest easy knowing that our Austin homes are hardwired for the contemporary homeowner—featuring open floorplans and energy-efficient components. What more could you want from a brand-new, move-in ready home?

Chesmar Ready-Built Homes

Unlike new-construction or pre-owned homes, ready-built homes are move-in ready without sacrificing that new-house vibe. Chesmar’s model homes offer just a taste of the real thing! Our professionals will work with you to find a ready-built home that meets your preferences and have you signing the dotted line in no time. No matter which model home you decide on, all will feature an assortment of knockout standard features including:

  • Energy-efficient components
  • Modern, open layout floorplans
  • Personalized elements (to an extent, if you are looking at move-in ready homes)

Situated in master planned communities throughout Texas, including the vibrant city of Austin, your new home will be in close proximity to community events and city life. Plus, our new homes are all built in compliance with strict building codes—ensuring you benefit from a safe and protected home.

Reach out to Chesmar’s friendly staff today to learn more about our move-in ready or ready-built homes in Austin, TX.