Meet the Family

Amanda Ahlers

Land Acquisitions Escrow Officer

Amanda was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana and raised in Katy, Texas. She has been mar­ried to her husband Tony since 2015 and they have two dogs named Zaza and Lola. She is most often remembered for her animated expression, humorous nature, and compassion towards others.

Furthermore, she loves luxury perfume, but rarely buys it for herself. Her favorite scent is roses or garde­nias, but avoids anything with patchouli. She enjoys creating custom gifts for friends and family with her Cricut machine, calligra­phy, crocheting, and baking. She can’t resist adding more pens, calligraphy markers or arts & crafting supplies to her ever growing collection.

Amanda is passionate about her church and enjoys serving oth­ers. You will often catch her saying her favorite quote, “The answer is always ‘no’, unless you ask.”

She knows that it’s the happy people of N Title that make coming to work a joy.