Meet the Family

Amanda Jones

New Home Consultant

Amanda describes herself as bold, fun, and unconditional.  She was born in Alabama and moved with her family to the great state of Texas at the age of 3.  She loves spending time with her family because they are fun loving, giving, hilarious, and inclusive.

In her spare time, Amanda has so many outside interests.  To mention a few, she enjoys singing, hiking, traveling, trying new restaurants and outdoor activities.  She also loves to visit historical sites and museums, as well as enjoys studying genealogy.

Being outdoors would perfectly describe Amanda’s happy place.  She likes to attend sporting activities, the beach and lake, but would really prefer to be in the mountains.  Another interest of Amanda’s is arrowhead hunting.

Her favorite quote is by Dani Johnson, “People can take everything you have, but they cannot take your skills.”

She loves the heart of Chesmar and that Chesmarians love people and want what is best for their buyers and their fellow coworkers.  Amanda also enjoys being a part of the Chesmar team because they are smart, accepting, and have a desire to provide greatness.