Meet the Family

Carson Trainer

VP of Land Development

Carson describes himself as a man of integrity, determination, and empathy! Carson comes from a large family, and enjoys spending time with them at their ranch, on vacation, or simply having dinner. Outside of Chesmar, Carson loves the outdoors, walking trails with his dog Harper, biking, and riding horses. He is also an avid NBA basketball fan and follows all of the current events of the league. He is especially a fan of the San Antonio Spurs.

Growing up, Carson wanted to be just about everything! He and his brother found inspiration in their favorite movie characters. Astronauts, cowboys, pirates, and historians are among their short list of childhood aspirations. Over time, Carson realized he wanted to become a real estate developer.

According to Carson, Chesmar is special because, “We are home to people who truly care about and believe in our culture and values. This translates into our everyday work interacting with each other, contractors, and customers to not only create a great product, but also to give the best possible experience to everyone who interacts with Chesmar. I believe that all Chesmarians are very proud of the work that we do and the way we do it, making this a unique place to call home.”