Meet the Family

Clarence Robertson III

Accounts Payable Admin

Clarence describes himself as fun, happy, and determined! Born and raised in Houston, he met his beautiful wife and queen, Denise. Together they care for their 14-year-old princess, Pearl, and their adorable dogs, Roxy the Rottweiler, and Mr. Leo the Shih Tzu.

In his free time, Clarence is passionate about learning, using his strong work ethic to explore his interests and push his life forward! A great chef for his family, he has diversified his cooking techniques, and currently works with the oven, stovetop, old-school BBQ offset smoker, and charcoal grill. A true basketball fan, Clarence loves watching the NBA games or catching up on the highlights! In fact, Clarence’s favorite quote is from the basketball coach Tim Notke, “Hard work always beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

While new to the home industry, Clarence has used his passion for finance and business to accelerate his career. One of his favorite parts of Chesmar is its family-oriented environment and opportunities to learn and grow. In his own words, “Chesmarians are Chesmar’s biggest assets due to their positive attitudes and investments in one another. No birthday goes unnoticed, no accomplishment goes uncelebrated.”