Meet the Family

Darin Grant

New Home Consultant

Darin describes himself as driven, honest, and loyal. When it comes to things, Darin loves Porsches! He has owned 3 of them so far. Currently he has a 911 Carerra. When he was 16, he had a poster of a Porsche 911 on his bedroom wall. Even his model home has a room decorated in a Porsche theme. It’s a passion! Appropriately, Darin’s favorite quote is, “Driving fast!”

A younger Darin wanted to be a salesperson like his father. He was the advertising manager of the local newspaper. According to Darin, what makes Chesmar special is that Chesmar has a business model that makes sense. Empowered employees are able to make decisions in real time. The culture here cannot be beat. It truly is a wonderful group of people. Family is used a lot to describe company culture, but at Chesmar that’s not just a tagline. We are Family.