Meet the Family

Darin Grant

New Home Consultant

Darin describes himself as driven, honest, and loyal. Growing up he wanted to be a salesperson like his father, but eventually found his way to the new home business. According to Darin, Chesmar is special because of the people and its distinct business model. In his own words, “The culture here cannot be beaten. It truly is a wonderful group of people. Family is used a lot to describe company culture, but at Chesmar that’s not just a tagline. We are Family.”

One of Darin’s unique niches is his love of Porsches! At the age of 16, he hung a poster of a Porsche 911 on his bedroom wall. Since then, he has owned 3 different Porsches and has even decorated one of his model home’s rooms with a Porsche theme. Darin’s favorite quote is, “Driving fast!”