Meet the Family

David Bakanoski

Construction Manager

David describes himself as responsible, loyal, and dedicated. He and his wife Beverly share a beautiful home just outside of the San Antonio city limits. They have two children, and three wonderful grandchildren. Away from Chesmar, David enjoys golf, fantasy football, yardwork, and family time. He enjoys entertaining the family at the pool and manning the grill. Occasionally a trip to a casino is in order. David’s favorite sports teams are the San Antonio Spurs and all major sports teams from Detroit, Michigan. David was born and raised in Detroit until he moved to Texas in 1983.

David’s philosophy is, “I build every home as if I was building it for myself.”

A younger David wished to be a fireman when he grew up. The idea of riding in the “big red truck” and putting out fires was his childhood dream. What makes Chesmar special is being able to own his community. The Chesmar construction and sales teams have complete ownership of their daily responsibilities. Management provides some guidelines, then gets out of the way. This is uncommon in our industry, and it is what makes Chesmar the place to build dreams.