Meet the Family

Devin Crayton

Construction Manager

Devin describes himself as caring, hardworking, and energetic. He was born and raised in San Antonio, which he fondly calls the greatest city in America. Devin has a younger brother, and both of his parents work in a medical-related field. His mom is a physician assistant, and his dad is a fireman. Devin never had pets growing up, but now has a roommate with two of the best dogs he has ever met. He also shares his life with his lovely wife, Christine. When Devin is away from Chesmar, he enjoys stocks and trading, gardening, volleyball, furniture and wood working, and cooking. A far cry from his football playing days first at Navy, then finishing out his collegiate career at UTSA, but a welcome change nonetheless.

Devin’s favorite quote is something his Grandpa used to tell him, “Be the Salt and the Light in a tasteless and dark world.” When Devin was younger, he wanted to be something new every week. Devin asserts that joining Chesmar was one of the best things he has ever done for himself, as it has helped him realize what he truly wanted to do with his life. Every day is a new challenge, and he gladly accepts his role in helping to take them on. Devin believes selflessness is what makes Chesmar special. “What is great about Chesmar, is that you are never alone in the fight. Someone here always has your back and that does not come easy. It’s a true family environment. People can say they have your back, but those are mere words. It takes a true family to make that mean something.”