Meet the Family

Edmond Trejo

Construction Manager

Edmond Trejo, a dedicated US Navy veteran, spent four transformative years in Japan, immersing himself in its rich culture. As he eagerly awaits the arrival of his baby in May 2024, his nurturing nature shines through, symbolizing an exciting new chapter in his life.

Apart from his military background and international experiences, Edmond finds solace in weightlifting, showcasing his disciplined character and commitment to fitness. Family holds immense importance for him; being one of five siblings, he treasures their bonds for strength and support. Known for his vibrant personality, Edmond delights in sharing jokes, spreading joy, and adding brightness to the lives of those around him.

In essence, Edmond Trejo embodies a unique blend of military dedication, cultural immersion, impending fatherhood, a commitment to fitness, strong familial connections, and a delightful sense of humor.